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By accessing and using Sandpiper Home Energy Solutions Home Comfort’s (Sandpiper Energy Solutions’) website you consent to the following terms of use, which became effective on September 1, 2015.

Collection and Use of Information

Sandpiper Energy Solutions is committed to keeping the personal information of its customers accurate, confidential, secure and private. Sandpiper Energy Solutions’ privacy practices are governed by the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. To view Sandpiper Energy Solutions’ Privacy Statement visit our website at Our privacy statement explains how we may collect, use, disclose and protect your information when you visit our website. When you browse our website, we typically do not ask you to provide your personal information to us. In the event that personal information needs to be provided to us, we will only collect the information that is necessary for the transaction. We will provide a Notice of Collection that complies with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act on the web page that you enter your information.


When you interact with our website, a browser feature called a “cookie” may be used to collect certain types of information. Cookies are a small text files that websites put on your computer to store information about you and your preferences. A cookie may contain information such as your user ID and password for a page on our site or the options you have selected on a page. You can block cookies on all websites or you can choose which websites' cookies are allowed. You can find more information about cookies and how to block them in your browser’s “Help” pages.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Sandpiper Energy Solutions will not exchange, sell, or otherwise disclose your personal information to any outside organization or person unless we have received your consent to do so or the disclosure is required by law.

Security of Personal Information

Sandpiper Energy Solutions is committed to ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us through our website. We use security software, procedures and encryption protocols such as the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

Privacy Related Questions

If you have a question or concern with our collection of personal information through our website, please contact Sandpiper Energy Solutions’ Privacy Officer by telephone at 905-825-4458 or by email at


This site content is provided for information purposes only. Sandpiper Energy Solutions is committed to maintaining the content of this site. However, Sandpiper Energy Solutions makes no guarantees, expressed or implied, as to the reliability or accuracy of this service. Sandpiper Energy Solutions cannot be held liable either directly or indirectly for any damages whatsoever, including consequential, punitive or incidental damages arising from the use of information or services provided at this site or the inability to use the site.


This site is operated by Sandpiper Energy Solutions. Sandpiper Energy Solutions maintains the copyright for all original material at this site. Some of the names, designs and logos on Sandpiper Energy Solutions’ website may be protected by as trademarks of Sandpiper Energy Solutions.

The use of this site is permitted for personal, non-commercial lawful use only. You may not modify or remove any content; reproduce any material, in whole or in part, or mirror any content on another server.

Third Party Sites

This site contains links to other web sites (“Third Party Sites”). Sandpiper Energy Solutions makes no representation concerning the accuracy, quality or suitability of any information contained on those Third Party sites. In providing links to other sites, Sandpiper Energy Solutions makes no endorsement, in any manner, to the content of those Third Party sites. Sandpiper Energy Solutions is providing these links only as a convenience to you.

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