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200+ Contractor Partners
100,000+ Happy Customers
212M+ Assets Through Our Contractor Program

Benefits of the Sandpiper Partner Program

  • Increase Installations and Service Calls
  • We generate hundreds of projects weekly through sales and service. Contractors in our network receive priority access to those jobs.
  • Gain Access to New Construction Projects
  • We’re constantly winning contracts with builders across Canada to install our equipment for their new construction projects. As part of our network you’ll have access to these projects.
  • Increase Closing Rates
  • We offer flexible financing options to customers including rental and leasing programs. So, you’ll be able to close more deals because customers pay $0 upfront.
  • Bonus and Incentive Program
  • We offer lucrative bonus programs to our contractors – in fact, in February 2020 we handed out over $20,000 to a single contractor in bonuses!
  • Access to Marketing and Sales Experts
  • You’ll have a dedicated representative who will work with you directly to understand your unique needs. We’ll create marketing and sales materials just for you!

Grow With Us

We’re one of Canada’s fastest growing suppliers of home-comfort products. In addition to offering top-of-the-line energy-efficient products, partnering with us will give you the following benefits:

  • We help you grow your business: rental pay out is equal or greater than a cash sale.
  • Get first right of refusal on all service calls for your customers.
  • We take financial responsibility for the equipment.
  • You receive competitive allowances and bonuses.
  • Potential to be awarded additional service and installation work outside of your originated business.

Successful partnerships at work.

Case Study: 258 Sunview

Builder: Prica Global Enterprises Inc. Drazen and Zelko Prica, Owners Residential property development and management company.

Contractor: Dean-Lane Contractors Inc. Scott McDonald, President.

Summary: Through the Sandpiper contractor program, the builder and contractor have improved margins by offering a rental program previously unavailable to them. Beginning in June of 2018 Sandpiper, with the help of Dean Lane Contractors, installed 304 condo packs and 304 electric 30 gallon water heaters resulting in over $1.25M in savings to the builder. The relationship also guaranteed 15 years of service.

Case Study: Commercial/Hayward Healthy Home Solutions

Person/Title: Russell Hayward (Owner) Hayward Healthy Home Solutions offers heating and cooling solutions for your home.

Summary: In October 2019 Hayward and Sandpiper launched a partnership through the Sandpiper contractor program. The partnership opened up a new market segment for Hayward — targeting customers shopping for a HVAC leasing solution that they previously couldn’t offer.

Being able to quote, close, and install heat pumps for customers looking to lease their HVAC systems led to an increase in monthly sales of nearly 15% or over $60,000 in incremental revenue. Plus, Hayward received an extra $10,000 in bonuses as part of the program. –

Hayward covers a large geographic footprint, which means they spent a lot of time on the road delivering paperwork. The digital process offered as part of the partnership program gives Hayward the flexibility to spend more time with customers because it’s a fully digital solution. Together, we’ve been able to improve the customer experience by spending less time managing and delivering paperwork and more time communicating with our customers.

“Now that we have another option to offer our customers, we have increased our closing percentage by over 10%. The Sandpiper team has been extremely helpful in strategy, marketing, and sales support which has allowed our customers to have a seamless process to getting their upgrades. Not only has our partnership helped us grow organically but the constant bonuses and incentives have allowed us to get another $10,000 just this past month!”
-Russell Hayward (Owner)

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